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What are Micro Projects?

  • We have set up a Micro Project initiative to attract and encourage new organisations to take part in small-scale cross-border cooperation projects.
  • A Micro Project can be submitted under any of the Programme's 5 specific objectives.
  • The length of a Micro Project is limited to 24 months, plus an extra 3 months for closure of the project.
  • Micro projects are limited to 5 partners. There must be a minimum of 2 (1 French and 1 English within the Programme area)

How much funding?

  • The maximum project budget is €500,000 (ERDF contribution €400,000)
  • The European Regional Development funding contribution is capped at 80% per project. The rest of the project must be funded through match-funding.

Who is Eligible?

  • Charities and any business or organisation that employs less than 50 people and has a turnover of less than €10 million
  • All local authorities (EN) and collectivités publiques (FR)

How do I apply?

  • Applications must be submitted by the eMS (Electronic management system) on our website. You can however pre-prepare the content by filling out an offline template in Word.
  • Applications can only be submitted during one of the two calls for projects a year. 
  • The next call for Micro Projects takes place between 10-24 October 2018.

More information?

  • Our guidance note contains more information on Micro Projects.
  • If you’re interested in finding out more or have a potential project idea, contact your local programme facilitator. A full list can be found here.
  • We have produced this summary of Micro Projects which we encourage you to share with potential partners who may be interested in the initiative.


Is a Micro Project right for you? The table below shows how the Micro Project scheme differs from a regular project.


Regular project

Micro Project
ERDF intervention rate Up to 69% Up to 80%
Total budget  No maximum budget

€400,000 ERDF maximum contribution

€500,000 maximum total budget
Project duration No maximum duration 27 months (including 3 months closure)
Partnership requirements

At least one partner from each country within the Programme area.

No maximum of number of partners.

At least one partner from each country within the Programme area. 

A maximum of 5 partners.

Eligible organisations All legal entities

Charities, (association loi 1901 for French partners) and businesses employing fewer than 50 persons and whose annual turnover and/or annual balance sheet total does not exceed €10 million

All local authorities in the UK and “collectivités publiques” in France 

Calls Open call for projects Two calls for projects a year
Application process One-phase application to be submitted on eMS One-phase application to be submitted on eMS
Work plans in application form 3 compulsory Work Packages (WP) (Preparation, Management, Communication) and 5 WP maximum for Implementation 2 compulsory Work Packages (WP) (Preparation, Management) and 3 WP maximum for Implementation

Preparation lump sum*


€30,000 paid to the lead partner €12,400 paid to the lead partner

*Please note that the lump sum is subject to change